22 Questions I Gotta Ask Myself BEFORE I Become a Real Estate Agent

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What Can I Expect to Learn in Real Estate School?

  • How much does real estate school cost? Find out the investment required to kickstart your real estate education.

  • How long does school take? Discover the timeline and commitment involved in completing your real estate training.

  • How much is the real estate exam? Get insights into the costs associated with taking the real estate exam.

  • Is the real estate exam difficult? Gain an understanding of the level of challenge you can anticipate when preparing for the exam.


What Should I Know About Commission Splits?

  • How long does it take to get paid on a sale? Learn about the typical timeline for receiving payment after a successful sale.

  • How much do I split with my company? Understand the commission split arrangement between you and your real estate company.

  • How much can I expect to take home? Discover the potential earnings and factors that can affect your take-home income.


What Does a Commission Check Look Like?

  • How to calculate your earnings from each deal? Learn the methods and factors involved in determining your income from real estate transactions.

  • Do you make more money selling a house or listing a house? Explore the potential earnings from selling a house versus listing a house.

  • What about taxes? Discover the tax implications and considerations specific to real estate agents, including deductions and tax planning strategies.


What Should I Consider When Choosing a Company?

  • Will a larger company help me sell more homes? Understand the potential advantages and considerations of joining a larger real estate company.

  • Should I choose a smaller or larger company? Explore the benefits and considerations of joining a smaller real estate company.

  • How do I select a company? Discover effective strategies and steps to interview and secure a position with a real estate company.


Am I Really My Own Boss?

  • Do I have freedom and flexibility? Uncover the freedom and flexibility that comes with being in control of your career

  • Can I really make my own schedule? Discover the power to design your own schedule and work on your terms.

  • Is my income really unlimited? Unlock the potential for unlimited income and financial growth as you take charge of your future

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