Hey Sister-Friend...

Welcome! I'm so thrilled you're here!

My name is Tranett Brooks, and I'm a leading Real Estate Agent who makes a great living doing exactly what I love...selling houses! I'm also an author, speaker and mentor to women in real estate throughout the country.

Would you like to be your own boss in a flexible career where you can set your own schedule with an annual earning potential of $100,000 or more?

Ever dream about finding a way to do what you LOVE each and every day?

Do you think earning unlimited income in a career where you're actually having FUN and meeting wonderful people sounds too good to be true! Think again!


Women of ALL Ages and Experience Are Rocking the Real Estate Industry (And, So Can You!)

It's not suprising that fierce and smart women are crushing it in the real estate industry over our male colleagues!

In fact, according to the NAR 2017 Member Profile, 63% of successful Realtors are women.

Why is a thrilling career in real estate the smartest choice for women of all ages?

For starters, you get to be your own boss, earn a great income, enjoy amazing schedule flexibility, and gain the freedom and time to enjoy life to the fullest.  

Outgrown your current 9-to-5 job? You’ll finally be able to say “goodbye forever” to doing unfulfilling work. As a Realtor, much of your time will be spent networking, socializing, meeting wonderful new people in all walks of life, and nurturing relationships.  

The best part? You’ll never feel alone! 

I’ll be on this life-changing journey with you every step of the way as you mke your decision to become a Realtor (or, not).


I’m Passionate About Helping Women Achieve Freedom to Enjoy the Things They Love Most in Life

My mission is to help driven women prepare for an exciting and financially rewarding career in the real estate industry. With my help and support, you’ll discover if a real estate career is the best choice for your unique lifestyle, goals and needs.  

You see, I was once in your same shoes…yet overcame countless obstacles to become a highly successful Realtor.  

I know what works and what doesn’t in the industry. I can’t wait to share the good, bad and the ugly with you.  

It Doesn’t Matter What You’re Doing NOW…You Can Build a Profitable Career in Real Estate That Gives You the Life You Deserve  

Helping my sister-friends thrive and prosper in real estate is what brings me JOY in life! Real estate is the ideal gig no matter what stage of life you’re at. You can easily succeed no matter how young or “old” you are, if you lack a college degree, or even if you’re working a full-time job. It’s perfect if you’re a stay-at-home mom, recently divorced or a retiree, or if your kids recently left the nest and you’re looking for a profitable and fun way to spend your time. Only have a few hours to spare each week? No problem! You can work part-time in real estate and still earn a great income (or, supplemental income). You can even launch your real estate business while still at your current full-time job. I’ll show you how to use the stability of your job to safely make the transition to a prosperous real estate business without financial risk. Oh, and you’ll love how real estate just makes other people feel good. Real estate isn’t just financially rewarding. You’ll be vastly improving the lives of others…..  

Enjoy Meaningful Work That Helps People Find their Dream Homes and Live Happily Ever After! 

There really is no place like home. If you’ve been longing for work that brings happiness to other people, look no further than a career in real estate. As a Realtor, you get to make people’s dreams come true. How awesome is that? You’ll receive deep personal fulfillment by helping clients find their perfect home that bring contentment and joy into their daily lives.  

How Much Longer Do You Want To Keep Delaying The Things You REALLY Want To Do? 


Don’t you long to create a business that will give you more financial freedom and independence?  

Imagine being your OWN boss with the amazing flexibility to set your own weekly schedule. You’ll be able to attend your children’s school and sports events, get your hair done, attend a doctor’s appointment, or simply take the afternoon off to enjoy a movie whenever you darn well please!  

Imagine how much more positive, joyful, optimistic and at peace you’ll be waking up each morning and doing fulfilling work that you LOVE.  

Imagine how easy it will be to say YES to family holidays, home improvements, a vacation, a new car, and a luxurious mani-pedi whenever your heart desires! 

BUT...(And, it's a BIG "But")...  


How Can You Know for Sure if an Exciting Career in Real Estate is Right For YOU? 

Look, I don’t want you to spend your hard-earned money and hours of your time on months of real estate training until you’re 100% confident that it’s for you. First, you need to find out if a career in real estate is right for YOUR unique needs, lifestyle and goals. I’ve got you covered, sis!

Happily, Now You Can Discover if Real Estate Is Your Ticket to Freedom and Prosperity With My Groundbreaking Two- Hour Course, "Reveal A Realtor."

REVEAL A REALTOR (Online Course)

"Reveal a Realtor” is super-fun, thorough and engaging, and will explain all the pros and cons about a wonderful career in real estate.  

Using cutting-edge strategies, you’ll discover if you have the personality and other factors that are crucial for becoming a successful real estate professional. By the end of this short course, you’ll know for sure if you’re cut out for this exciting profession.  

So, before you register for more than 60 hours of real estate school at considerable expense, save tons of time and mondy by starting with my affordable win-win, two-hour course.

Let's do this!  

It takes just 2 hours to complete the course!

After enrolling, you will log into the Reveal A Realtor secure members area, which will give you access to seven core modules that cover each step of the Reveal A Realtor process. 

The modules contain written content, instructional videos, reflection exercises, and resource tools.

Throughout the course, you will be taking the Reveal A Realtor assessment. Your score on the assessment will "REVEAL" if you should pursue a career in real estate. 

Yes, You will be able to move forward with 100% confidence and certainty.

Together, We Will Find Out If Real Estate Is Your True Calling.

The seven step process shows you if a career as a Real Estate Agent fits in with your personality, family life, interests, and income goals. 

Here’s a Description of Each Step…

Discover Your Passion You’ll learn if you have the necessary drive and desire to get through the daily grind of being a Realtor.

Setting Realistic Goals You'll find out what kind of income you can realistically make in your first year. Working in real estate (and, getting paid) is not like the shows you love on HGTV. 

Making A Commitment You’ll discover if the life of a Realtor is really for you by analyzing your willingness to commit to success.

Becoming an Entrepreneur You'll find out if you have the personality of a small business owner? It’s not what most people think! 

Putting Your Clients First You'll discover that managing clients can be challenging. Find out if you can meet their needs without neglecting the other parts of your life.

The Beginner’s Mind You'll analyze your attitude towards learning. Find out if you have the right attitude for attracting mentors and teachers who can help you succeed.

The Ego Trap You'll discover that talented new Realtors often stumble for the same reasons (egos). Find out if you have what it takes to stay on track and be humble while growing your business.


You’ll have full access to ask me ALL the questions you may have about this career in the “Ask Me Anything” course forum.

"As a Family Life Educator with extensive training in social work and sociology, I began this course really thinking that real estate sales was not truly a career match for me. After all, Tranett, in her hip, friendly, down-to-earth way, really underscores the necessity of real estate truly being a PASSION for you at the beginning of the program. But in an enjoyable, almost rollicking fashion, she takes us through so much more of the nitty-gritty details of being successful in this career. The program whizzes by, so that the listener never feels bored or bogged down. Then, the moment of truth: a quiz to see if you're "it". Well, boy was I "tickled pink" when my score came up as high as it did! Now, I love the way Tranett emphasizes truth-telling and being honest with oneself, and how it REALLY IS OK if real estate is simply not our "bag". The fact that she is truly not biased one way or the other in our final decision is both REFRESHING and essential. The program can save you hours of grief, time, and money. Because the choices in her test contain a kind of flexibility, I felt that it gave a more true reading of what my propensities in the real estate field actually are, and this gives a tremendous sense of assurance and peace of mind. And Tranett's style is so warm and personable that I really did have the feeling that she was speaking personally just to me. A five-star program!"  

Tina Miller, Newly Licensed Realtor in 2017, California 

As you can see, the course will show you everything you need to know about becoming a Realtor. You’ll hear the good, bad, and the ugly truth! 


I’ve tested the Reveal A Realtor course, and I believe it can help any woman who really wants to live life on her own terms.  

I’m so sure that about the quality of the course that I want to make you a special promise. This promise proves how much I stand behind the Reveal A Realtor course…  

If the course does not help you find out if a career in real estate is for you...  

I will refund the entire cost. No questions asked, EVER!  

Yes, that means if you take the entire course and it doesn’t help you decide, you will get a full refund.  

That’s how much I believe in the Reveal A Realtor course.  

Still skeptical? If you are, I’m not sure what to say. I’m basically offering the course totally risk free.  

The investment is extremely low compared to what you get: Peace of mind to be certain that you are making the right decision. Plus, it is wiser to invest in this 2-hour course, before running off to sign up for 60+ hours of real estate school...without certainty.  

Here’s how you enroll…  

The tuition for the course is just $197, which is a great deal when you consider the frustration of investing over $1500+ on real estate school, start- up costs, and months of your life in a career that is not a "good fit."  

If you find yourself daydreaming about getting control of your time, you have to take a different approach. Doing things the same way will always give you the same old result.  

I found that out the hard way. I wish I had the courage and information to start earlier, but YOU can start now!  

"I stumbled upon Tranett, her informative books and programs, when I was searching for answers to my questions about becoming a realtor. Not only has she answered all my questions, but her program flushes out the truth within you. It exposes the reality of the business and if you are honestly cut out to be a realtor. If you are familiar with Tranett's free material, then you know she holds nothing back. She's honest and direct with her message and speaks to you as a true "friend" would. She will help you look inside, and if you are honest with yourself, you will know if this is the direction you should go. And if not, then you just saved yourself a lot of time and money getting into a business you had no right being in. Am I still nervous about taking this new step in my life? Absolutely. Any intelligent person would. However, do I have a better grasp on what's ahead and what I'm up against? Do I feel more confident in my decision having done the research? Unequivocally, yes! AND, if you have any further questions or comments, she is true to her word. You can email her personally and, like a good friend, will respond with open arms."

Dave and Ann Rubert, Newly Licensed Realtor, 2017, Washington


 At this point, you may still be a little skeptical.  

I was in your shoes, so I understand 100%. The fear of the unknown can be very intense, but we do know one thing…  

Someone else is in control of your time right now. If you’ve read this far, you have a gut feeling that real estate could help you regain control of your schedule.  

My career in real estate has liberated me. Now, I have an amazing career where I have the time to do the things I want. The silent frustration of working on someone else’s terms has been replaced by the joy of freedom.  

The only reason you don’t pursue real estate is because you need confirmation that you’ll be successful. You don’t want to waste time and money on something that doesn’t deliver you the freedom and joy you seek.  

You can continue to daydream about a career that puts you in control of your time while someone else continues to dictate how you use the majority of your time, or…

You can finally find out if a career in real estate is the path that will lead to your freedom and peace of mind.  

“I started real estate 9 years ago, clueless. I thought maybe I could sell a house after watching hundreds of episodes on HGTV. Personally, I didn’t know a Real Estate Agent that I could sit down with to have that one-on-one talk with before I jumped in business. I knew that I loved watching mostly anything real estate. I loved meeting new people and looked at myself as a problem-solver. Since, I didn’t have a mentor agent to guide me; it left me with many questions in my head. Needless to say, I had many sleepless nights due to my unanswered questions. Now that I am in the business, I am constantly approached all the time from family and friends saying, “I am thinking about leaving my job and getting into real estate…what do you think about that?” This course will help any woman thinking about a career in real estate to know without a shadow of doubt if it’s for you. You must be TRUTHFUL with yourself and your answers, because if not, it will be your time and money wasted. Reveal A Realtor is the perfect tool that I can now pass along to others after they ask me this question!”

Janice Garry, Licensed Realtor for 9 Years, Arkansas 

PS: Still Skeptical?

Don’t waste time like I did. There’s only one way to find out if real estate is your ticket to freedom.  

It was my ticket to freedom.  

It may not be your ticket.  

But, what if it is?  

Get rid of the doubts once and for all and discover if you’ve got what it takes to make real estate your dream career.  


Tranett Brooks