Tranett Brooks


On the other hand...if you want to be a realtor, but don’t really have what it takes...this message can save you thousands of dollars and years of misery.

My name is Tranett Brooks, and I was in your position ten years ago. After working at the same non-profit organization for four years, I was sick and tired of trading my time for money.  

I was physically at work everyday, but my mind was busy daydreaming about living life on my own terms. If you’re like me, you want to work on your own schedule. You want to cook dinner and get laundry done early. You want the flexibility to go to lunch with a girlfriend, go to a doctor’s appointment with no questions asked, be on the PTA board...AND run a successful business!  

Sound familiar? I knew real estate was an option that could help me reach my goal, but… 

Even though I was interested in real estate, I was hesitant because I thought it was risky. I wanted the freedom and flexibility, but I also valued the security of my job. As bad as I wanted the freedom, the thought of losing my guaranteed salary made me very uncomfortable. 

Getting paid on commission felt like such a huge risk, so I needed to be sure real estate was a good fit for me. 

Like any smart woman, I started to do my research, but… 

The information I found was very limited. I struggled to find relevant information about what being a realtor was really like. Sure, I found job descriptions, but that was basically it. I also had a few friends who were Real Estate Agents, but their advice wasn’t very helpful.  

They encouraged me to give it a try, but I wanted confirmation that I could be successful. I didn’t want to rush into real estate school and possibly waste my time, money, and energy. While I did my research, things got more miserable. I became more and more desperate for a way out. 

I was sick and tired of living on someone else’s terms, so I enrolled in real estate school. I’ll admit it, I was still unsure, but I knew that I had to do something different if I wanted a different result.  

I completed real estate school in 8 weeks (I went to school part-time, in the evenings 2 nights per week). I passed my real estate exam shortly after completing school and became a licensed Real Estate Agent. However, I continued to work full-time at my non-profit job. 

After three years of hard work, my part-time income from real estate almost doubled my full time income, but I was still holding onto the security of a steady paycheck. 

I was secretly planning my escape from my full time job, and then something unexpected happened... 

My Executive Director informed me that I was being let go because my position was no longer funded. She delivered the news in tears, but I knew my time had come.  

But, part of me was still terrified. I still had the doubts running around in my head. 

I said to myself, “What if the real estate market drops? 

What if I have a bad month? What if I can’t pay my bills?” 

The “what if’s” were driving me crazy!  

Then, I got even more confirmation that I was on the right path…2 years prior. 

I had prayed and asked God specifically to allow me to become a full-time Real Estate Agent during those 3 years of being part-time. I remember sitting down one day to calculate all of my monthly household expenses (mortgage, car payment, health insurance, utilities, food, etc).  

I told myself that I needed to save 12 months of expenses before I could transition safely into real estate full-time. 

I was both motivated and depressed by the amount of money that I needed to have saved before I could walk away from the non-profit job. I needed nearly $17,000. I thought, no way am I going to save this kind of money! 

One day (after being laid off), I was sitting on my red microfiber couch. I was led to get out my calculator, pen and a sheet of paper. I was prompted to calculate all of my upcoming closings for the following month. 

During that next month, I closed eight real estate deals, which made me $18,400 within 30 days of getting laid off. That was the first time I ever made that much money in my life. And, I have never closed eight deals in one month since then.  

Getting into real estate was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  

Today, I am living the dream of being self-employed. I work from home on my schedule. 

I cook dinner early and have enough time to do my laundry. I have the flexibility to go to lunch with a girlfriend, go to a doctor’s appointment, be on the PTA board...AND run a successful business! 

I don’t have to ask anyone for time off, and I make more money than I’ve ever made in my life.  

Like I said, I’ve been in your position. If you’re still reading this, I know you are looking for this type of freedom and flexibility. I know you think real estate can be your escape from the rat race, but... I also know that you’re looking for confirmation that this is YOUR ticket to freedom… 

Many women see my success and ask me how I did it. They want to get into real estate because they want more control of their time, but they are fearful of spending time and money on real estate school and start-up costs without the guarantee of success.

I’ve seen so many women jump into real estate with hopes of freedom and flexibility over the years, but they forget to do one crucial thing that will dictate their success. 

They forget to find out what being a Real Estate Agent is really like. Sadly, they quickly find out it’s hard work that’s not for everybody. I’ve seen many new Realtors fail simply because they didn’t count the cost of being a Realtor. 

On the other hand, I’ve seen many women succeed in real estate because they were a good fit for the business.  

I can’t guarantee anyone’s success in real estate, but I do know what it takes to be a successful Real Estate Agent.  

Seeing so many women use the real estate business to achieve their dream of freedom from the rat race has inspired me to create a course called Reveal A Realtor. 

It’s a bullet-proof method that will help you KNOW whether or not real estate is your ticket to freedom once and for all. 

 What Are The Details? 

Reveal a Realtor is a seven module course that uses a combination of personality quizzes, probing questions, and brutal honesty to tell you if you’re ready for a career in real estate. 

It takes just two hours to complete the whole online course!

After enrolling, you will log into the Reveal A Realtor secure members area, which will give you access to seven core modules that cover each step of the Reveal A Realtor process. 

The modules contain written content, instructional videos, reflection exercises, and resource tools.

Throughout the course, you will be taking the Reveal A Realtor assessment. Your score on the assessment will tell you if you should pursue a career in real estate. 

Yes, You will be able to move forward with 100% confidence and certainty.

What is the process?

The seven step process shows you if a career as a Real Estate Agent fits in with your personality, family life, interests, and income goals. 

Here’s a description of each step… 

You’ll learn if you have the necessary drive and desire to get through the daily grind of being a Realtor.

Working in real estate is nothing like the shows on HGTV. Find out what kind of income you can realistically make in your first year.

You’ll discover if the life of a Realtor is really for you by analyzing your willingness to commit to success.

Do you have the personality of a small business owner? It’s not what most people think! Find out if you have what it takes.

Managing clients can be challenging. Discover if you can meet their needs without neglecting the other parts of your life.

In this step, it’s time to analyze your attitude towards learning. Find out if you have the right attitude for attracting mentors and teachers who can help you succeed.

Talented new Realtors often stumble for the same reasons. See if you have what it takes to stay on track.

Reveal A Realtor Assessment 

As you go through the course, you will be taking the Reveal A Realtor assessment. Your score on the assessment will tell you if you should pursue a career in real estate.  


You’ll have full access to ask me any questions in the “Ask Me Anything” course forum.

"As a Family Life Educator with extensive training in social work and sociology, I began this course really thinking that real estate sales was not truly a career match for me.  

After all, Tranett, in her hip, friendly, down-to-earth way, really underscores the necessity of real estate truly being a PASSION for you at the beginning of the program. But in an enjoyable, almost rollicking fashion, she takes us through so much more of the nitty-gritty details of being successful in this career.  

The program whizzes by, so that the listener never feels bored or bogged down. Then, the moment of truth: a quiz to see if you're "it". Well, boy was I "tickled pink" when my score came up as high as it did! Now, I love the way Tranett emphasizes truth-telling and being honest with oneself, and how it REALLY IS OK if real estate is simply not our "bag".  

The fact that she is truly not biased one way or the other in our final decision is both REFRESHING and essential. The program can save you hours of grief, time, and money. Because the choices in her test contain a kind of flexibility, I felt that it gave a more true reading of what my propensities in the real estate field actually are, and this gives a tremendous sense of assurance and peace of mind.  

And Tranett's style is so warm and personable that I really did have the feeling that she was speaking personally just to me. A five-star program!" - Tina Miller 

As you can see, the course will show you everything you need to know about becoming a Realtor. 

You’ll hear the good, bad, and the ugly truth.  

That reminds me… 

Being A Realtor Is Hard Work

Being a Realtor is amazing. 

You are paid very well for extremely fulfilling work. Picture yourself shaking the hands of a couple after you just helped them fulfill a lifelong dream of owning a home! 

Did I mention that you get paid well :-) 

But, it’s not for everyone. It takes hard work to get a client through the buying process. It can literally take months for a client to find the right home. Or, for a home to get an accepted offer.  

This is for people who can handle hard work. Nothing good comes easy and there are no shortcuts in the real estate business. It’s a well-respected profession for a reason. A strong work ethic is the core skill all great Realtors have.


A Special Promise 

I’ve tested the Reveal A Realtor process, and we believe it can help any woman who really wants to live life on her own terms. I’m so sure that about the quality of the course that I want to make you a special promise. This promise proves how much I stand behind the Reveal A Realtor process… 

If the course does not help you find out if a career in real estate is for you... 

I will refund the entire cost. 

No questions asked, EVER!

Yes, that means if you take the entire course and it doesn’t help you, you will get a full refund.

That’s how much I believe in the Reveal A Realtor process. 

Still skeptical? If you are, I’m not sure what to say. I’m basically offering the course totally risk free. 

The investment is extremely low compared to what you get: Peace of mind to be certain that you are making the right decision. Plus, it is wiser to invest in this 2 hour course, before running off to sign up for 60+ hours of real estate school...without certainty. 

The tuition for the course is just $197, which is a great deal when you consider the frustration of investing over $1500+ on real estate school, start up costs, and months of your life in a career that is not a good fit. 

If you find yourself daydreaming about getting control of your time, you have to take a different approach. Doing things the same way will always give you the same old result. I found that out the hard way. I wish I had the courage and information to start earlier, but YOU can start now! 

"I stumbled upon Tranett, her informative books and programs, when I was searching for answers to my questions about becoming a realtor. Not only has she answered all my questions, but her program flushes out the truth within you. 

It exposes the reality of the business and if you are honestly cut out to be a realtor. If you are familiar with Tranett's free material, then you know she holds nothing back. 

She's honest and direct with her message and speaks to you as a true "friend" would. She will help you look inside, and if you are honest with yourself, you will know if this is the direction you should go. And if not, then you just saved yourself a lot of time and money getting into a business you had no right being in. 

Am I still nervous about taking this new step in my life? Absolutely. Any intelligent person would. However, do I have a better grasp on what's ahead and what I'm up against? 

Do I feel more confident in my decision having done the research? Unequivocally, yes! AND, if you have any further questions or comments, she is true to her word. You can email her personally and, like a good friend, will respond with open arms." 

- Ann and Dave Rubert 

What Are You Waiting For? 

At this point, you may still be a little skeptical. I was in your shoes, so I understand 100%. The fear of the unknown can be very intense, but we do know one thing… 

Someone else is in control of your time right now. If you’ve read this far, you have a gut feeling that real estate could help you regain control of your schedule. 

My career in real estate has liberated me. Now, I have an amazing career where I have the time to do the things I want. The silent frustration of working on someone else’s terms has been replaced by the joy of freedom. 

The only reason you don’t pursue real estate is because you need confirmation that you’ll be successful. You don’t want to waste time and money on something that doesn’t deliver you the freedom you seek.

At this point, you have two options… You can continue to daydream about a career that puts you in control of your time while someone else continues to dictate how you use the majority of your time, or… 

You can finally find out if a career in real estate is the path that will lead to your freedom and peace of mind.  

PS: Still skeptical?  

Don’t waste time like I did. 

There’s only one way to find out if real estate is your ticket to freedom. It was my ticket to freedom.  

It may not be your ticket. But, what if it is? Get rid of the doubts once and for all and discover if you’ve got what it takes to make real estate your dream career. 

Enroll now.